Terreta Games

We are an Indie developers team located in Valencia, Spain. The team is formed by 2 programmers and 2 designers highly motivated. Our goal is to consolidate ourselves in the videogames sector, through fun and visually appealing projects for all platforms.


We develop our mobile games with Unity 5 and PC or Console games with Unreal Engine 4.

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We design the mechanics of your games, such as artificial intelligence, level design, user interface, menus, etc. We also advise you on the best ideas and decisions about how to embark your project.

Making your game fun, challenging and interesting is the best way to connect with the player.


We offer code and programming development using Unity or Unreal for IOS, Android, Pc / Mac and consoles. We can continue your project with your team or program all the code for your game.

We offer coding for:



-Web (Unity Web Player)

-Facebook Games(social games)


Our artist domain expertise is developing the visual concept of your game, from the idea on your mind to the final art assets. We can give advice through a complete production or help you in specific tasks adapting our work to your current art-style.

We offer:

-Concept Art/Illustration

-2D/3D Assets

-2D/3D Animation

-Visual Development


Many companies have already trusted us. Join them.

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We are four developers with a lot of desire to establish themselves in the video game industry.

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